Stress management in low intensity conflict operations

Where US interests are absent or minor, the United States may not expect international or domestic approval of its involvement. But junior officers may not be on the radar screen of the journal staff to submit such a practitioner paper, yet they may have a concept based on experience or exposure to certain unique opportunities.

Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict. It was a serious setback to the terrorist movement in Punjab. The decision to act in any of the four LIC operational categories is essentially a political one.

Emotional First Aid - Critical Incident Stress Management

Pakistan precipitated matters on October 22,by sending tribesmen from its Northwest Frontiers to invade Kashmir. Current as of Feb Quick Links.

The Chaplain and Chaplain Assistant. This was resented by the State government, as also by the paramilitary forces. The resulting effect is over-stimulation, which can cause a person to reach a point of being overwhelmed by the situation and feeling unable to cope. Eustress generally occurs when an individual perceives that he or she has the ability to effectively cope with a stressor.

Providing emotional first aid is not the prerogative of the psychiatrist or medical officer.


What sequence of events will most likely result in the desired conditions? He must convey to his subordinates a clear understanding of who the enemy is and, equally important, who he is not. Sequencing Events The military planner must identify all steps necessary to achieve his goal.

Predeployment training must be consistent with allowable measures of force protection in each situation. The Kashmir problem is a legacy of the Partition of the Indian sub-continent in In Januarya group of JKLF terrorists operating from the United Kingdom kidnapped an Indian diplomat and demanded the release of Maqbool Butt, who had been sentenced to death by an Indian court for his involvement in terrorism.

It requires careful mission analysis, comprehensive intelligence, and regional expertise. The regional orientation of SOF units and their wide variety of skills ensure that the National Command Authorities NCA and CINCs maintain a constant source of culturally acclimated, linguistically qualified, highly trained individuals and teams ready for immediate deployment.

Legitimacy derives from the perception that authority is genuine and effective and uses proper agencies for reasonable purposes.

The authors do not suggest any model that they would have adopted in providing this emotional first aid, presumably leaving it to the specialized psychiatrist team to develop a model. Both make very interesting reading. Whatever may have been the validity of this argument in the medieval past, such a premise can never be accepted today.

Karasek Figure 1 addresses the level of strain a person will likely experience based on job demands and the degree of decision latitude a person has on the job.

Journal of Family Psychology, 22, Army and Air Force members of each US country team advise the ambassador, interagency representatives, and foreign officials on LIC strategy and operational art.

Peacetime contingency operations may require the exercise of restraint and the selective use of force or concentrated violent actions. A deep understanding of host nation culture is indispensable to making effective decisions and avoiding costly mistakes in LIC situations.

Epinephrine is a hormone that initiates many bodily responses including stimulation of heart action and increases in blood pressure, metabolic rate and blood glucose concentration. When stressful situations are detected, the nervous system is stimulated to a higher level of alertness.

Even the services of the religious priest attached to the unit should be utilized after adequate training in such psychological first aid.

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In most cases, it can use force only for self-defense. If the pilot presses on to complete everything on time and satisfy management, there is a risk of an accident or incident.

An internal family systems approach. Prospective associations from family-of-origin interactions to adult marital interactions and relationship adjustment. It would, indeed, be dangerous if it were otherwise; for its acceptance would provide a basis for subverting, in the name of religion, the loyalty of a people to the country of their birth.

To accomplish its mission the wing is equipped with six diverse systems: Unity of Effort Military leaders must integrate their efforts with other governmental agencies to gain a mutual advantage in LIC.Stress is a reaction that is initiated when a situation or event is evaluated as a threat and requires actions beyond an individual’s normal operational intensity level.

From a physiological perspective, stress is a bodily response to a stimulus that disturbs or interferes with the. India has, for nearly five decades, experienced low intensity conflicts in different theatres, and is now witnessing the emergence of high intensity crime by organised gangs and crime syndicates, as well as a complex pattern of co-operation and collusion between these.

Regardless of the stress approach used, the stress response can be characterized by a predictable sequence of mind and body events. True The stress response can activate some bodily systems and cause others to operate at reduced capacity. The authors do not suggest any model that they would have adopted in providing this emotional first aid, presumably leaving it to the specialized psychiatrist team to develop a model.

Similarly, they have targeted the personnel engaged in low intensity conflict operations (LICO). I would like to. Low Intensity Conflict Operations and Stress With the conventional wars being rarer, low intensity conflicts (LIC) have now become a norm.

LIC is a military term for the deployment and use of troops in situations other than war. A large number of troops are actively engaged in these duties and exposed to varying kind of stressors.6, 7 Prolonged spells of stressful duty in such low intensity conflict (LIC) operations with inadequate opportunity for relaxation puts immense strain and often unmanageable demands on even otherwise healthy individuals.

This can result in psychological distress, misconduct behaviors, or even post .

Stress management in low intensity conflict operations
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